Good Food, Giggles and Gardeners World

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Absolutely exhausted today with swollen feet, sore knees and pains here, there and everywhere. I am not complaining though because I had a brilliant day out with the Trusty Gardener, my friend Helen S.

Every year at the NEC in Birmingham in the month of June the Gardeners World and Good Food Show hits the stands. It is the one Gardening Show I have ever been to although I dream of Chelsea and Hampton Court one of these years. So this year I was umming and aaahing about spending the money on the tickets when Laura shared a post on Facebook that said Oak FM (local radio) had a competition for pairs of tickets. I entered and the following day was delighted * squealing with * to find that I was a winner! So no problems with the expense.

As usual, the pictures tell the tale better than any words I can write so come and take a look before I tell you about the giggles…

See if you can pick out some of my favourites-

  • A brightly coloured VW van
  • A dianthus (sweet william) called Sooty
  • Many wonderful spherical flowers of different aliums
  • A delish digitalis (foxglove) in an apricot colour that almost glows
  • The awesome flower of a proteus that is almost alien
  • Some wonderful insect attracting planting and a pretty white beehive
  • Some blousey begonias and statuesque delphiniums
  • The Lady of Shallot
  • Soaring spires of Eremerus (think that’s the one)
  • Some abundant astrantia in a dreamy grey/blue
  • Borage, white not blue
  • Stunning orchids
  • Ladybird poppies

Lots of inspiration  for some creative crochet and knitting!

 The hilarity was caused by this-


It is an extremely chunky and wonderfully well designed folding wheel barrow called

Portax 150 Garden cart

made by Wolfgarten, a German company specializing in garden tools/equipment. As Helen bought it (only available at the gardening shows in the UK or else an expensive import) we then had the problem challenge of getting it from the stand to the car at the end of the day. To say we became a sideshow act is something of a euphemism! Call us ‘Little and Large’, ‘Laurel and Hardy’ or  ‘The Chuckle Brothers’- what a sight we made with our barrow in a box (almost as big as Helen) and assorted goody bags of  gardening and foody paraphenalia. The stall holders comment that the shuttle bus stop was just outside the door opposite his stand was somewhat innaccurate. I can tell you now that we conducted an experiment of the comparative frictional properties of a 12kg box on heavy duty nylon carpet versus hard flooring and concrete. The hard flooring was the smoothest and therefore the easiest to push it on! This experiment covered an Olympic distance of about 400 m.

Next challenge was the boarding of and alighting from the shuttle bus to car park E4 where I parked Helen and the box in the lay by whilst I carried on to pay for the parking, find the car, exit the car park and collect Helen and her new toy. By this time I was somewhat sweaty and in fits of giggles. The pay kiosk was closed and one of the attendants said to pay at the barrier on exit. Next job, find the car…(I’m not good at this bit and have been known to ‘lose’ my car in car parks before) luckily it was directly in front of me but I was unable to identify it initially much to the amusement of the attendant! At the barrier I tried to thrust my £10 payment at him but he smiled and waved me on.

By the time I pulled in to pick up Helen and her ‘Portax garden cart’ I could hardly speak.  Have you worked it out yet? Not only did we have complimentary tickets for the show, we didn’t pay for the parking either! Nice to enjoy some GOOD LUCK for a change! And having made it a mission to see what ‘samples’ we could enjoy in the Good Food show, all in all we had a pretty economical day out.


Author: onoodlesstitchcraft

An erstwhile teacher who has taken a new path due to illness and returned to an earlier existence exploring her artistic and creative skills of stitchcraft. My oldest son laughs and says I am as mad as a spoon, qualifying the comment that I am not like other middle aged mothers... well hurrah for that! So what do I do? I love to cook, I am never without a craft project or a few on the go, I love my garden, walking, nature and the environment. I am a magpie for vintage patterns and love colour. I get pleasure from creating and giving to friends. I have a rabbit! I ride a bike and recycle... Drink too much tea and like nothing better than to lunch with friends. Snuggling up on cold winter nights is essential. I like the theatre; musicals and dance in particular. Amongst my favourite films are Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain and Fried Green Tomatoes. I love to read anything from Crime thrillers to classics (love Wuthering Heights) or biographies about inspirational people. I hate sexism or racism and disingenuous people. I value friendship and above all else my family.

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