Lupus Awareness Month: Day One

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Since October is Lupus awareness month here in the UK I make no excuse that I intend (yet to see if I follow through…) to do a short post each day to tell you something new about this dreadful condition. Yes, I have Lupus and was diagnosed just over three years ago. I am in the happy position to say that right now, today at this moment in time, I am feeling better than I have done in all that time!

I have already posted about how I came to be diagnosed and some of what I deal with on a daily basis.  So if you are interested just put lupus in the search bar up on the right of the screen.


So, today I will start with the SYMPTOMS- each individual is likely to have some of these at least and diagnosis is made by looking at symptoms alongside blood tests and looking at case history, and whilst medication can manage the symptoms to an extent the ongoing problem for most people is fatigue and joint/muscle pain.

  • joint/muscle aches and pains
  • rash over cheeks
  • Extreme fatigue and weakness
  • Increased risk of miscarriage
  • Rashes from sunlight/UV light
  • Flu-like symptoms and/or night sweats
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Inflammation of the tissues covering internal organs with associated chest and/or abdominal pain
  • Seizures, mental illness or other cerebral problems
  • Headaches, migraine
  • Kidney problems
  • Oral/nasal ulcers
  • Hair loss
  • Depression
  • Haematological disorders including anaemia
  • Swollen glands
  • Poor blood circulation causing the tips of fingers and toes to turn white then blue on exposure to cold (Raynauds)


There are many sites where you can read more but I suggest you start at LUPUS UK

See you tomorrow!

Jill x


Author: onoodlesstitchcraft

An erstwhile teacher who has taken a new path due to illness and returned to an earlier existence exploring her artistic and creative skills of stitchcraft. My oldest son laughs and says I am as mad as a spoon, qualifying the comment that I am not like other middle aged mothers... well hurrah for that! So what do I do? I love to cook, I am never without a craft project or a few on the go, I love my garden, walking, nature and the environment. I am a magpie for vintage patterns and love colour. I get pleasure from creating and giving to friends. I have a rabbit! I ride a bike and recycle... Drink too much tea and like nothing better than to lunch with friends. Snuggling up on cold winter nights is essential. I like the theatre; musicals and dance in particular. Amongst my favourite films are Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain and Fried Green Tomatoes. I love to read anything from Crime thrillers to classics (love Wuthering Heights) or biographies about inspirational people. I hate sexism or racism and disingenuous people. I value friendship and above all else my family.

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