6 thoughts on “New Year, New Logo and a Neck Thing for me!

  1. I’m loving your new logo! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah. Joe (the son you met) did it for me. How lucky am I to have such skill in the family?! He is quite a whizz but as he says, he does it every day as part of his job! Just need to get it onto some new business cards now

  2. That’s one awesome logo, lovely idea to use Rudi. I’m very partial to rabbits 🙂
    Love all your makes, and love the beads on the shawl thingie. Might have to pinch that idea…. 😉 It’s a wonderful design, I’ve downloaded it – makes 3,962 pattern downloads that I WILL ATTEMPT before my number is up.
    So glad to hear you are “stable”, may it last all year xxx

    • Hope you have a brilliant year Jill. I don’t count my downloads! Dangerous activity that one! I love the design for the shawl so couldn’t resist it. I love my new logo, first step to a bit of branding!!! Rudii’s ambition in life is to be a rabbit scarf… his preferred place to sit when held is across the front of my neck! An ethical angora scarf!

  3. Love the New look. Really contemporary looking.
    So glad to hear your health has settled down.
    It seems socks are the thing this year. There seems to be a few sock KALs around this January. I’m doing this one.
    Looking forward to seeing yours!

    • Ho Lucie, Happy New Year, I have come across Knitting sarah’s sock kal too which I will no doubt be referring to along the way although with so much expertise at my Knit Club I am meaning to make that my knit night project! It may be some time before I can show the fruits of my labours but I suppose I could post a sock cal too!!!

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