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4 mm crochet hook
Stitch marker
200 m cotton double knitting

To make
Make 21 chain
Work 1 dc into 2 and chain from hook then 1 dc into each chain to the end, chain 1 and turn.
Work 1dc into each dc, 1ch and turn (20sts)
Repeat this row until you have worked 15 rows in all





Work 15 rows double crochet

Now you have completed the base of the bag and will be working the scallop chain stitch that makes the body of the bag.
Next row, make 5ch and turn. Miss 2dc and dc into next stitch


When you get to the end of the row you will need to ‘fudge’ the spacing which is fine. Work the last dc into the last dc. Do not turn your work to go back along the row, instead make a quarter turn anti clockwise so that the work is now in ‘portrait’ format. Continue to make 5ch and this time will miss two spaces that indicate a row between each set of chains and dc.

Again when you reach the corner turn as before and continue to make the 5ch scallops. As you work along the bottom you will need to work between the dc of first row.

Work around the last side and when you reach the beginning DO NOT join to complete the round. You need to place a stitch. Marker in the base of the first stitch

 You need to place a stitch marker in the base of the first stitch



Now you will continue working in a spiral manner making 5 chain and joining into a 5 chain space by working a dc. Each time you reach the stitch marker, work 5 chain over it and secure with a dc then stop and move the marker around the loop. The marker will move around the work. When each round is complete make a note so that you know when you have completed 25 rounds. If you get confused using the marker you can leave it where it is but count the scallops as you work up


Next row- Work 3 dc into each 5 chain space and 1 dc into the linking dc at the end of each scallop, at the end of this round work a slip stitch into the 1st dc you worked. Place a marker here. Make 1ch, then dc into each dc round starting with the one at the base of the chain you have just made


You then need to work 2 more rounds in dc. At the end of the 3rd round join with slip stitch then cut thread leaving about 6cm, thread the end through the final loop on your hook and pull to fasten off.

The next step is to create the handle for you bag.

Lay your bag down on a flat surface

Turn the base of the bag towards you so it lays flat in a portrait orientation

Hopefully the tail where you ended your top band is approximately in the centre of the bag

If it isn’t don’t worry! Just place a stitch marker there instead.

Before you go any further do a stitch count. You should have 96 stitches

If you haven’t it’s not the end of the world! This is your first project, don’t be hard on yourself! And don’t start pulling it back unless you are miles out or a perfectionist!




Now you are going to make the handle

Counting either side of the thread which marks where you fastened off, place markers so that 20 stitches are between the markers.(therefore a marker in the 11th stitch to the left and to the right, you will have 2 markers)

IMG_20160121_163119 (1)

Join in your yarn on the stitch to the left of the right hand marker and make a dc in this and each of the next 19dc (you have worked 20dc) If you are able, work the thread into the dc so you don’t need to sew it in later. If you can’t manage that it’s ok, you can thread it through later when finishing off.

Next make 23ch then count 28 dc on the last row you worked, miss these stitches and work a dc into each of the next 20 dc.


Make 23ch again and this time use a slip stitch to join into the first dc you made (next to the first marker)

To complete your handle work 4 rounds of dc remembering to join each round with a slip stitch and make 1ch to start each row and the first dc into the base of that chain. When you reach the 23 chain make sure you work 1dc into each of these as this forms the handle.

                                          Bag from two angles to show handle position

On the last round, join with a sl.st. then cut thread (about 6cm) and pull it through your last loop.

To finish off, use a needle to weave in your ends and secure.

I am happy for you to freely share this pattern but please quote source, thanks

Jill O’Neill Jan’2016





Author: onoodlesstitchcraft

An erstwhile teacher who has taken a new path due to illness and returned to an earlier existence exploring her artistic and creative skills of stitchcraft. My oldest son laughs and says I am as mad as a spoon, qualifying the comment that I am not like other middle aged mothers... well hurrah for that! So what do I do? I love to cook, I am never without a craft project or a few on the go, I love my garden, walking, nature and the environment. I am a magpie for vintage patterns and love colour. I get pleasure from creating and giving to friends. I have a rabbit! I ride a bike and recycle... Drink too much tea and like nothing better than to lunch with friends. Snuggling up on cold winter nights is essential. I like the theatre; musicals and dance in particular. Amongst my favourite films are Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Singing in the Rain and Fried Green Tomatoes. I love to read anything from Crime thrillers to classics (love Wuthering Heights) or biographies about inspirational people. I hate sexism or racism and disingenuous people. I value friendship and above all else my family.

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