From a pier to a shawl…

With all the hype about the World Cup, BT have brought out a new range of television adverts  promoting their sport channel and broadband packages. One of them features a Welsh footballer Gareth Bale who is seen honing his skills on a beautiful pier that has recently been given a facelift. I instantly recognised the pier and had to look it up on the net (yes infact I googled it) and here it is if you are interested in either football,  Gareth Bale or the scenery…(click the pic)


The day we visited it was very cold and windy and the pavillion covered in scaffolding but I was still enchanted by the railings

I had recently acquired some gorgeous 100% mulberry silk yarn from Babylonglegs  (go and drool over her lovely yarns and luscious colours- treat yourself why don’t you?!) and had talked about how it needed to be made into something that would show off the colour and drape.  Having not worked with fine silk thread before I searched for a simle pattern for the main part of the shawl. You can read my original post here https://onoodlesstitchcraft.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/crochet-lace-shawl/

Here are a few pictures to remind you of the finished item and now you can really see the link. There is also a picture of the Penarth Shawlette which was a commission made in a fine merino and I adapted the pattern but still the same basic design.


Summer Market Place

Just a quick post to show and tell about ONOODLES activities in the British summer market place.

I made a decision this year, based on last years experiences and balanced with my health that I would do a limited number of fairs in the summer and again in the autumn/winter (run up to Christmas) using the time in between to work at a manageable pace on seasonal stock with the odd commission inbetween!

Three out of four fairs done and I am happy that I have made a good and sensible decision (doesn’t do to be sensible all the time but where my health is concerned most of the time is advisable!) What I have enjoyed most are the two School summer fetes I have attended. Both were organised in the best of traditions with very active Parent Teacher Associations so fantastic family fun days were put on with pony rides, musical interludes, displays of karate, recorder groups, candy floss, car boot sales etc etc!

I thoroughly enjoyed selling to excited children and their parents seeing many little mice and ladybirds and owls flying and scurrying off to new homes. Pre-adolescent girls bought the wristbands and bracelets and excitedly modelled their purchases for me! I am all for coordinating  ‘jewellery’ with  nail varnish!


One lovely older brother bought his younger sister a big owl- just because and several younger boys came back to buy hair bobbles for their little sisters!


As well as these knick knacks I was pleased that some larger items were bought- a couple of blankets went home with expectant mothers. The lemon sherbert cot blanket sold and the happy hearts afghan.






The flower brooches took a hit- so  much so that I really need to make more now!



So I finally feel that I have found my groove and know my market. By doing this I am able to spend time making for friends, family and myself and indulge my creativity without compromising my health.

I have struck a deal to do  a skill exchange with my friend the hairdresser  and recently a bag of ducks winged their way over to Stockholm and then onto Porto (Tom went to visit Joe and then Joe went on holiday to Porto) where the ducks were to be a gift and in payment I am receiving a big bag of buttons from Porto being couriered back via Stockholm to England by Joe who is home for a holiday in less than two weeks (yes I am very excited at the prospect of having both my boys home for a while very soon…not to mention a bag of buttons!)

Here are a few more shots of the stall and the developing display. One or two other odd shots for good measure!


The Black Rat of Doom!

Well hello there. I have been absent from my blog for many reasons- mainly because I have been busy and enjoying myself. I’ve made alot and done alot and don’t quite know where to start?

A couple of weeks ago ONOODLES made her first public outing for a long time. The Fabulous Finds fair was well organised, a lovely hall and great facilities but really poor footfall… Still, all was not lost as I had the company of the lovely Eggy B, (sorry Jen!) and we met Connie of Funkie Doodles Arts and Crafts. We  chatted and laughed and laughed some more and even had a dance along to the entertainment (we had to provide some light relief from the lack of  custom).  I have to say, if you need a singer you can’t go far wrong with Pete Wayre- he serenaded us with some fabulous old swing numbers, Farnk Sinatra, Dean Martin (old crooners) to Cliff Richard and songs from the shows.

At home  exhausted as I was, and mellow from a large glass of wine, I reflected on the day and my life just now… it goes without saying that I wish I didn’t have Lupus but boy oh boy has it made me appreciate  what I have. So having tearfully told husband that he and the boys are the most precious things things in my life, I waxed on about how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and family.

Over Easter we visited Son no.1 in Stockholm and had a wonderful stay, visiting some new and revisiting some old places. The Vasamuseet was one highlight for me; the amazing tale of a w arship from 1628 (I think!) that didn’t even make it out of the harbor before it sank on it’s maiden voyage! I lay there until 1961 when it was removed from the water almost 90% preserved. The museum is built around the recreated ship. Apparently it survived as it was not in saltwater. The worms that destroy timber do not live in fresh water. The ship builders were aware of the design problems that the ship had- requested by the King and designed by a Dutchman, so the intention was to sail the ship round the corner into the Naval base to make the vessel seaworthy. It never got there! And everyone blamed the Dutchman since he was dead by then so no living person took the blame!


I took photographs but light levels are low in the museum.

Anyway if you click on the pic it will take you to the website for a better view.



I was amused by some of the items for sale in the  shop…the black rat of DOOM!



Heres a little slideshow of some of our other Swedish experiences which include-

  • a giant pizza
  • lots of food
  • sunny days
  • boat trips
  • family time
  • trolls!
  • trams
  • the grave of  Olof Palme
  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since our visit Son no.2 has been out to visit his brother as well! Just wish we had all been out there together.





So what has ONOODLES been upto. Did the one fair as mentioned and am booked to do 2 school fetes. That’s enough for the summer if I am to remain in control of my health.  Another set of photos to let you see some of the things that have been coming off the needles recently…

Still lots more to update you on having been quiet for so long but that will wait for another day.

Be back soon,

Jill x


Blanket trio and one little bag!

Oh gosh, I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been super busy working up to unleashing a new store of ONOODLES creations on the world. Have had a lovely little photo book printed to show off the full range of ONOODLES quirkiness, new business cards are in the post with the Rudii rabbit logo designed by Joe. Properly sorted with HMRC re. self-employment and booking fairs for summer through to Christmas (assuming my health stays stable!)



Had a bit of a thing for blanket making of late- they are so easy to sit with and don’t seem to stretch my compromised concentration levels!  So here are a few pictures to give you a taster.

First of all is the sugary sweet pink one comprising a vintage design motif and many shades of PINK! I think I will call this one…. er… something to do with pink…’pinken rose’- thanks online thesaurus! Suitably sweet!



Next comes a ‘sherbert lemon’ granny square blanket. Perfect to throw over a buggy, on the floor for a kick around or would look divine (simply divine dahlink…) on a traditional moses basket. The yarn came from one of the local charity shops and has a bit of a bobbly texture- this and the lemon colour really reminds me of sherbert lemon sweets- the ones that are boiled on the outside with powdery sherbert on the inside. here we go-





Last in the trio of blankets is an altogether more robust character, Unlike the others that were 100% best (?)  acrylic doble knit, this one is made of Aran weight and many different yarns all with some real wool content. This along with the more rustic colour combination definitely brings thoughts of log cabins, warm fires, snuggling on a settee, hunky caber tossing Scotsmen in kilts…oh better stop, I’m getting carried away. But with that in mind, I will call this one Highland Fling- take a look and see what you think.





A nod here to Attic 24 who reminded me that granny stitch does not have to be square all the time!

Next is a little barrel bag. I just couldn’t resist this when I saw the pattern that someone had signposted on facebook around Valentine’s Day. Click on the heart to go to the pattern.


Then take a look at what I made. As usual I added my own twist with a vintage button and lining.



Buckets of love…


A Pair of Afghans

Been a busy bee during January  and want to share my other recently completed projects: two small afghans.

The first I had promised as a birthday present last August…then changed it to being a Christmas present and now it has become a house warming present! I don’t usually take so long but this was a very creative project and required some serious CONCENTRATION which I frequently lack! This throw is based on the vibrant work of the artist Hundertwasser and if you haven’t heard of him then I urge you to go and take a look- he was quite an inspiration in terms of the images he created, his approach to ecological issues and the relationship of humans with our environment. Here is a link to find out more-


Now some pics to show the development of the throw and the completed item!

My second afghan was produced as response to the Crochet Crowd challenge for a ‘Happy Hearts Afghan’ and like my Hundertwasser one was made using my yarn stash. I wanted to use up some yarn and make something a little more subtle and muted than I usually do! Here are a few shots of it- I wonder which of the two blankets you like best?


A bit of a Knock Back

Thinking3Sometimes things happen in life that knock your confidence. Being diagnosed with Lupus was a big blow and a reality I struggle with every day. Starting ONOODLES has been part of the healing process and if others get enjoyment from what I do then that makes me happy!

Recently I was publicly accused of copying someone’s designs. I did not knowingly do this but having seen what I was accused of copying I do understand why it was felt I had. Sometimes I have an idea, make it then find out that someone else has also had the same idea. I prefer the notion that ‘great minds think alike’. This has really knocked my confidence in pursuing my love of crafting which until now has been my salvation.

It has made me question what I am doing?

Where do I go from here?

How will I ever produce something truly original?  My claim is that my creations are fun, quirky and individual- but are they?  I know in time I will let this pass but I am still smarting from the experience.

I’m throwing this out to you because I know that there is much creativity and wisdom out there with you and I value your thoughts! I guess the question is to do with originality and how on earth we ensure it in what we claim to be our own ideas?! Should we even bother? Surely all our ideas are an amalgamation of  images, ideas, thoughts and designs we see and store; these then inform what we create? Some degree of replication is bound to occur.