Summer Market Place

Just a quick post to show and tell about ONOODLES activities in the British summer market place.

I made a decision this year, based on last years experiences and balanced with my health that I would do a limited number of fairs in the summer and again in the autumn/winter (run up to Christmas) using the time in between to work at a manageable pace on seasonal stock with the odd commission inbetween!

Three out of four fairs done and I am happy that I have made a good and sensible decision (doesn’t do to be sensible all the time but where my health is concerned most of the time is advisable!) What I have enjoyed most are the two School summer fetes I have attended. Both were organised in the best of traditions with very active Parent Teacher Associations so fantastic family fun days were put on with pony rides, musical interludes, displays of karate, recorder groups, candy floss, car boot sales etc etc!

I thoroughly enjoyed selling to excited children and their parents seeing many little mice and ladybirds and owls flying and scurrying off to new homes. Pre-adolescent girls bought the wristbands and bracelets and excitedly modelled their purchases for me! I am all for coordinating  ‘jewellery’ with  nail varnish!


One lovely older brother bought his younger sister a big owl- just because and several younger boys came back to buy hair bobbles for their little sisters!


As well as these knick knacks I was pleased that some larger items were bought- a couple of blankets went home with expectant mothers. The lemon sherbert cot blanket sold and the happy hearts afghan.






The flower brooches took a hit- so  much so that I really need to make more now!



So I finally feel that I have found my groove and know my market. By doing this I am able to spend time making for friends, family and myself and indulge my creativity without compromising my health.

I have struck a deal to do  a skill exchange with my friend the hairdresser  and recently a bag of ducks winged their way over to Stockholm and then onto Porto (Tom went to visit Joe and then Joe went on holiday to Porto) where the ducks were to be a gift and in payment I am receiving a big bag of buttons from Porto being couriered back via Stockholm to England by Joe who is home for a holiday in less than two weeks (yes I am very excited at the prospect of having both my boys home for a while very soon…not to mention a bag of buttons!)

Here are a few more shots of the stall and the developing display. One or two other odd shots for good measure!


The Black Rat of Doom!

Well hello there. I have been absent from my blog for many reasons- mainly because I have been busy and enjoying myself. I’ve made alot and done alot and don’t quite know where to start?

A couple of weeks ago ONOODLES made her first public outing for a long time. The Fabulous Finds fair was well organised, a lovely hall and great facilities but really poor footfall… Still, all was not lost as I had the company of the lovely Eggy B, (sorry Jen!) and we met Connie of Funkie Doodles Arts and Crafts. We  chatted and laughed and laughed some more and even had a dance along to the entertainment (we had to provide some light relief from the lack of  custom).  I have to say, if you need a singer you can’t go far wrong with Pete Wayre- he serenaded us with some fabulous old swing numbers, Farnk Sinatra, Dean Martin (old crooners) to Cliff Richard and songs from the shows.

At home  exhausted as I was, and mellow from a large glass of wine, I reflected on the day and my life just now… it goes without saying that I wish I didn’t have Lupus but boy oh boy has it made me appreciate  what I have. So having tearfully told husband that he and the boys are the most precious things things in my life, I waxed on about how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and family.

Over Easter we visited Son no.1 in Stockholm and had a wonderful stay, visiting some new and revisiting some old places. The Vasamuseet was one highlight for me; the amazing tale of a w arship from 1628 (I think!) that didn’t even make it out of the harbor before it sank on it’s maiden voyage! I lay there until 1961 when it was removed from the water almost 90% preserved. The museum is built around the recreated ship. Apparently it survived as it was not in saltwater. The worms that destroy timber do not live in fresh water. The ship builders were aware of the design problems that the ship had- requested by the King and designed by a Dutchman, so the intention was to sail the ship round the corner into the Naval base to make the vessel seaworthy. It never got there! And everyone blamed the Dutchman since he was dead by then so no living person took the blame!


I took photographs but light levels are low in the museum.

Anyway if you click on the pic it will take you to the website for a better view.



I was amused by some of the items for sale in the  shop…the black rat of DOOM!



Heres a little slideshow of some of our other Swedish experiences which include-

  • a giant pizza
  • lots of food
  • sunny days
  • boat trips
  • family time
  • trolls!
  • trams
  • the grave of  Olof Palme
  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since our visit Son no.2 has been out to visit his brother as well! Just wish we had all been out there together.





So what has ONOODLES been upto. Did the one fair as mentioned and am booked to do 2 school fetes. That’s enough for the summer if I am to remain in control of my health.  Another set of photos to let you see some of the things that have been coming off the needles recently…

Still lots more to update you on having been quiet for so long but that will wait for another day.

Be back soon,

Jill x



I actually did it! My crafting challenge for the new year is complete. And here they are, my very first pair of socks- no second sock syndrome for me!

1610089_457686547692062_1938187090_nI am very pleased to say that I have enjoyed every minute of making these socks. In a previous post I set the challenge and detailed the yarn I had chosen (cheap in case I made a mess of them!)

To give myself the best chance of success I actually did a tension square (usually unheard of) and practiced turning a heel using wrap and turn.1239706_454795547981162_719309521_nThe knit pro needles I had envied for some time and bought for this project in anticipation of these being the first pair of many socks, proved to be a good choice for my hands and knitting style and made knitting in the round a pleasure (except the first row which I ALWAYS find problematic)


I really like the way the yarn created little runs of colour that looked like clouds. My fingers soon adjusted to the finer needles and yarn. I actually found that turning the heel was much slicker in the sock yarn rather than the Aran with which I practiced. I had sat at Knit Night one week with the expert help of Fiona (of A Little Bit Sheepish) who is the most awesome sock designer and maker. With her support the whole system of wrapping stitches began to make sense. Having done this I was pleased to see a post by Rainbow Junkie who has produced a very easy to follow step by step photo tutorial on this very subject.


After completing sock one I quickly made a start on number two so as to avoid second sock syndrome and the determination that I wanted a pair and I wanted them now! Number two flew off my needles with the lessons learned from the first  and I am happy to say that I am the proud owner of ONE pair of home knitted socks.

As I write I can also report that a second pair is currently under construction; this time for my husband. I have a long way to go until I match the vast numbers in Fiona’s collection but it looks like 2014 could turn out to be a SOCKERAMA!




Cardigan finished.


First go at an in the round and top down pattern. Yes I followed it to the letter, just lengthening the body and sleeves as the pattern indicated. Yarn bought for £3 at a charity shop, buttons cost about the same!  WHAT A BARGAIN!

The pattern I used is this- Miette by Andi Sutterland- click pic to go to blog; The pattern is awesome and FREE! HIghly recommended.



If you google Miette you will see what a popular pattern this is, and deservedly so. Very easy to follow, accurate and a joy to knit. I love it! As the weather warms in spring I will be teaming it with my vintage dress in pineapple print. The perfect partner. Now there’s something to look forward to!


Sock it to me!

Right, I am laying down my challenge to myself and publicly declaring the first step in my attempt at sock making, I have ordered yarn…mainpicurealthough mine is actually blue and if you click on the ball of wool you will see what it is and where it is from!  Schoeller & Stahl Sock Yarn  (sport & strumpfgarn)in marine colourway



I have also ordered these gorgeous Knit Pro dpns



and will be following Fiona’s basic sock pattern from the Summer 2013 Issue of Sheepish online magazine over at A Little Bit Sheepish. Click on the pic below to see the whole thing- full of tips and some lovely patterns. Well worth a look.

Summer cover


So that’s it, I will keep you updated on progress, slow as I fear it will be, but I am quite excited at the prospect of being able to wear my very own socks!


Stockholm Snood

The Stockholm Snood was born because Joe asked for a snood for Christmas and was quite specific about colour, size and stitch style; that comes from being a designer! Anyway, this was the result! Apologies for the ‘moody’ face only he refused to model for me  and it’s my face! I can’t help it!!!

I am not a pattern writer but I think this is quite straight forward and can’t see any problems! Do let me know if you do! And if you happen to like it enough to make it then I would love to see the results!



I used 260g of King Cole Moorland Aran, shade 374 which is a denim blue with a grey and cream  slub

From a 400g ball this represents 510m, the yarn is 75% acrylic/ 25% wool

5mm circular needle

Really you could use any yarn and gauge but would need to calculate your tension/sizing. The snood has a circumference of 75cm and I worked a length of 75cm (not including ribbed edge)


The pattern is worked in the round firstly making a tube in waffle stitch and finishing the top with the rib, after which you pick up and complete the rib at the bottom. This means that there really is no top/bottom and the garment can be worn single or double, as a snood or a cowl and was designed for a Swedish winter!

Waffle stitch

Worked over 4 stitches in the round

R1 and 2           (K1, P2 ) repeat to end

R3 and 4         Knit


To Make

Cast on 128 sts (I prefer long tail method), use marker to denote beginning/end of each round

Work in waffle stitch until of desired length- I did about 75cm ending with R4

Work one round purl

*Now work in K2,P2 rib for 5 rounds

Next round, (K2, P2together) repeat all round

Now work K2, P1 rib for 5 rounds

Bind off and sew in end so that invisible

To complete, turn work upside down, pick up and knit 128 sts then work one row purl

Now complete rib from * to match other end.


That’s it! Easy peasy!


 © Jill O’Neill, January 2014