Free Patterns

Okay, so here I am endeavouring to set up a new page so that I can post some of the patterns for my designs for you. I expect they will mainly be crochet designs and very slow in appearing! Still, Rome was not built in a day, or so I am told…

The first installment is to be for my ‘Blackberry Beret’ (cue Prince singing Raspberry Beret…) which I recently finished and am enjoying wearing. It has prompted discussions about a set of patterns for ‘fruit’ inspired hats! Now, one could go the whole way and make a facsimile of the chosen fruit, and I have to admit, this does appeal to me, however, I think that this little collection is likely to be connected by the use of colour, shape and stitch. The rest will be up to your imagination! You will see what I mean when I get going!

Having googled for images of the afforesaid I can see that my ideas are by no means original, when are they ever!

Anyway, here are three pics to get you thinking!

Blackberry_fruit OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA strawberry

2 thoughts on “Free Patterns

  1. mmmmm, I’m afraid you might be waiting a month or two, not the right season here! Have you looked at Blackberry beret?

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