A Dress for Miss Peppa Pig!

Here we are then, a  new dress for Peppa!

onoodles summer 2014 055

Unlike  for the doll you can use a larger needle as there is no need to keep your tension tight.

Use a small amount of double knitting in red and 4mm needles

What to do!

  • cast on 56 sts
  • knit 3 rows
  • starting with a knit, row work 4 rows s.s.
  • knit 4 rows
  • starting knit, s.s. 14 rows

Now divide for the front and back sections and work in this order- left back, front then right back

This is the shape you will be creating-


When doing stocking stitch for these sections always knit the first and last stitches on the purl rows

For both left and front back work as follows-

  • knit 14sts and turn
  • s.s.3 rows (purl first)
  • (k2,k2tog) repeat to last 2 sts, k2 (11sts)
  • s.s.3 rows (purl first)
  • (k1, k2tog) repeat to last st, k (8sts)
  • purl row
  • save on holder or spare yarn

Front section-

  • knit 28sts, turn and s.s. 3 more rows
  • k2 (k2 tog, k3) repeat brackets to last st, k1 (23sts)
  • s.s. 3 rows
  • (k2, k2 tog) repeat to last 3 sts, k3 (18sts)
  • purl one row

Neck band-

With knit (right side) facing pick up and knit across all stitches in this order- left back/front/right front

When you get to the last stitch on the left back knit this together with the 1st stitch from the front; likewise when you get to the last stitch of the front section, knit it together with the 1st stitch from the right back section

  • next row knit
  • buttonhole row- k2, yo, k2 tog, k to end
  • next row knit
  • cast off, leaving enough of a tail to sew a small button on
  • onoodles summer 2014 057


Now  you can sew the seam together like this…

Sew from the bottom to the garter stitch section- leave open for about four rows (a hole for Peppa’s tail to come through) then continue up the seam leaving about 4cm open at the top so that the dress can go over her head. Sew in any tails of thread.


I have chosen to decorate with a pretty button but you could add any embellishment you like!


Peppa modelling her new dress… looks pretty pleased with it!


Jill O’Neill June 2014

5 thoughts on “A Dress for Miss Peppa Pig!

  1. Thank you for this pattern. I made the dress for Peppa (without the tail hole) and it made a lovely top for an Amelia rag doll (from JoJo MB) then did the same again but started with 66 stitches and no division for front, back, etc. to make a skirt.

  2. Many thanks for this pattern

  3. Thankyou for Peppa pattern it’s for my granddaughter’s first birthday

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