Blackberry Beret… I looooooooove you!

It all started when the new Sarah at Knit night turned up wearing a really gorgeous slouch beanie. Having directed me to the pattern for the Urban Revival Slouchie Beanie, I set about making one for a friend for her birthday in December. Now, I’m not very good at buying the correct yarn and consider myself to be an experienced enough crocheter to be able to play about a bit with yarns and patterns. I raided my stash of yarns and came up with a selection of DK in various shades of blue (just right for said buddy!) And off I went. This is what I made…

I added a decorative flower in the form of a brooch so it can be worn with or without. By doubling up the DK yarn it created a thick and well formed structure. By the way I mixed the blues together there was a thread of continuity throughout the stripes.

Feeling pleased with myself I decided that this pattern was the ideal thing to use to make for my 16 year old niece for Christmas. For this I found some very festive DK in black with a glitter thread and opted to work with the single thread and a finer gauge hook, 4mm instead of 5.5mm. I also slightly adapted the stitch choosing to work a treble, chain treble into a chain then missing a chain. I didn’t think fancy yarn needed a fancy stitch! I will show you the yarn here but haven’t got a picture of the finished item! This was mk2.

Whilst making mk1 a friend requested that when Christmas was over please could I do one for her…so mk3 was born. Unfortunately I haven’t got pictures of these ones so you will have to wait for the final reveal!

Here is the pattern … (UK terms throughout!)

  •  Using a 4mm hook and DK yarn of choice, make 13 chain, DC into 2nd chain from hook, DC to end, 1ch, turn
  •  DC into each DC to end, 1ch, turn (12 DC)

If you want a deeper or narrower band then make your starting chain longer or shorter here!

  • Continue making the band until its fits around your head with a little stretch
  • Fold band so short ends meet and  use slip stitch through both ends to join seam, this way you can continue working in the round without breaking off yarn. However, if you prefer to sew the ends together, that’s fine! You will then need to rejoin your yarn ready to start the main part of your beret!

Now for the fancy bit!

You have the band and have either joined with slip stitch or hand sewn, and rejoined your yarn, either way, make 1ch and we are ready to go…this is the foundation row,

  • work around band working 1dc into end of each row, join with into 1st ch.

NB. whilst the rest of the beret is worked in the round, you will need to turn your work at the end of each round in order to make a seamless join each time! I found the stitch in this book…


  •  5ch , ( 1dtr, 1ch) 3 times then 1dtr all in same as first 5ch,  miss 4dc, * 1 dtr, (1ch, 1dtr) 4 times all in same dc, miss 4dc * repeat from * to end, joining into 4th ch with

NB. You may need to do some adjustment here as you will need to even out the spaces between each set of five double trebles on this 1st row. If you can be bothered you could count the double crochets  on the foundation row to ensure they are divisible by 5 so that the pattern repeat fits without any fiddling! I am not being more precise as this way you will get a perfect fit for you! Not me!

  • I hope you have remembered to turn your work here?
  • Make 1ch, into 1st 1ch space, 5ch,  (1dtr, 1ch) 3 times, 1dtr all in same ch space,  *1 dtr, (1ch, 1dtr) 4 times in 1st chain space of each 5dtr set*,  repeat from * to end, joining into 4th ch with Turn.

This row forms the pattern and you need to work this for about 22cm (approx 12 or 13 rounds). Fasten off leaving a long thread for drawing the top together. To draw together you can either run a stitch through the top of each dtr and gather then fasten off or else work by folding the top of the hat and stitching it to secure a half, a quarter and so on. The choice is yours and will depend on the type of yarn you use.


Well there you have it! A Blackberry Beret! Please bear in mind this is the first pattern I have written so please feed back any useful hints. And I will be coming back to post some step by step pictures some time soon! I will also find a reference to my old book of crochet stitches for you to look at! You may also have noticed the flower detail, which will appear as another pattern soon!



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