No, this is not  an extreme makeover post, I don’t go in for that sort of thing although every time I visit the hairdresser my response to what do I want done is I don’t care, just make me beautiful!

I digress, it is not crochet or knitting but definitely upcycling.

Tom was having a clear out (at my behest) and the box of items had been sat in the car boot for a week or so. On a visit to town I was surprised to feel cold so grabbed the top item which was an old second hand army jacket rather like this…


Chris watched with amusement as I rolled up the cuffs and half fastened it in an attempt to be stylish. When I got home I had grown rather attached to it and decided that with a nip and a tuck and a little embellishment I could make it mine!

So I cut it shorter, added darts to shape the back and hemmed it. I then got out my ribbon box and buttons…



I added an extra pocket to cover a hole… and added some vintage lace and buttons…


Covering the hole!


Vintage lace and button

And  this is what I ended up with; I  am quite pleased with it and think the lace and buttons soften the military look to give it that ONOODLES twist! This one’s for me! And watch out for the selfie!!!