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Feeling Sheepish…

How are you all out there in Blogsville? Yes I’ve been quiet. Life is all. Been busy getting on with it and I have neglected you!

Mr ONoodles retired in August and Son no.2 graduated. Two turning points of great magnitude. We have enjoyed a couple of trips out to Copenhagen to visit son no.1 which included a most interesting road trip over to Sweden in search of Wallander on account of being Scandi Noir addicts!

In Ystad we followed in his fictional footsteps to the street where he lives, the square, the bank and down to Mossbystrand where he contemplates cases. We visited the cafe and the bookshop and ate at one of the restaurants. And yes, I bought some yarn – but that’s not a Wallander thing, that’s an ONoodles thing! We also called into Malmo and saw the city by bike seeking out sites from ‘The Bridge’ and topped it all off by driving back to Copenhagen over the Oresund.

In Copenhagen we went native and hired bikes and had a wonderful time with our tour guides- Joe and Maria , being shown the sites and sharing some wonderful moments with them. I’m not sure I have mentioned before how much we love cycling around cities. We took in bistros, cafes and a continental market. Also the biggest cycling thrill ride of the Bicycle Snake- if you are ever on a bike in Copenhagen go and ride it! Click the pic to take you to info about the Cycle Snake…



So here are one or two pics

 We also went to Amsterdam over Christmas

I have also been crafting and this was at Winter Woolies back in November of which I will tell you more another timeFB_IMG_1448218493601

See you again soon!


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New Beginnings and Work in Progress


Had a busy few weeks and today the full stop came when we just stored Joe’s left over belongings in the loft.

On Wednesday we saw him off to his new life and job in Stockholm. It has been a long and drawn out process but he is there at last! The final days saw his belongings picked up for freight, the selling of his beloved Ribble (carbon framed?) bike and the buying of Swedish currency. As usual, all this was done in the nick of time and with his usual good fortune- although one might be better saying he has the luck of the Irish or is just downright ‘jammy’!

Since I had an appointment at the hospital I was not able to go to the airport so Chris and Emma took him. He is now safely in his new apartment and is pleased to report that a) he has a walk in wardrobe, b) a dishwasher and c) he is sample size in the staff shop so is able to buy heavily discounted clothes! So there is the new beginning.

The key point to be taken from my hospital visit is that they consider I am doing ‘reasonably well’ and at last we are to trial me coming off the steroids! This is work in progress! After every visit I ponder what has been discussed and reflect on how disappointed I feel… well, it’s not as if they are going to turn round and say there’s been a mistake, you haven’t got Lupus and everything is fine, so quite what I expect I don’t know! Likewise, being told my bloods are stable is a good thing but somehow belies the fact that I feel so rubbish! Which all goes to show what a fickle fellow Lupus is.

In the meantime, Tom tells me he is applying for trainee jobs in Edinburgh for his ‘sandwich’ year so may be moving from one capital city to another! By the way, you should know how incredibly proud of my boys I am!

My final musing of today is how wonderful this world wide web is! SKYPE!